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The kids


We always wanted a large family and hoped to build it with a combination of birth and adopted children, however very early in our marriage we found out that we would not be able to have biological children. We moved up our adoption plan and adopted Nathan in 1989. Nathan came to us a drug impacted preemie. His first two years were difficult but even at he worst moments we could see what a special person he would be.

He is nearly 14 now and headed for highschool in the fall. He is a Life Scout on his way to Eagle Scout and Los Angeles City Novice Diving Champ. He is a sweet caring boy who has an inate sense of justice. He is still very much a teen and suddenly girls and "hanging out" has become important.

Nathan at 13


Two years after Nathan came home we brought home Anna Rachel. She had been in foster care for a couple of months as her agency searched for a family willing to parents a Biracial child. We were only too happy to get the chance.

She is now 11 and in sixth grade. She is devoted to her friends, a good student and a great athlete. She is a Synchronized swimmer. It is sport that combines ballet, gymanstics and swimming when you throw in fancy sequined swim suits and over-the-top music and you have sport tailor made for "tween" girls.

Rachel with cousin Diana

Introducing Miranda Kathryn Elizabeth Bindschadler

Sammy actually found us. I was thinking about a third adoption after several years of infertility treatment. I posted questions about open adoption on the internet and a friend of Sams birth moms mother saw it and called me. Allison (Sams birth mom) and I began to e-mail each other, then spoke on the phone and finally met. We talked for a few weeks before decided to go ahead with the adoption plan.

Sam is now almost 4. He is defineatly a "star" in the making. He knows how to work a crowd. He loves people and makes friends everywhere he goes. Precocious, talkative and a ham, this little guy is very special. He is amazingly sweet and patient with babies and small chidlren. I suspect that it has to do with the fact give him their rapt attention. He can be very entertaining.


Easter 2002

Miranda madeher appearance a month early in Columbus OH on June 19th, 2003. She weighed in at 4 lbs 6 oz. It 6 weeks later and she is up 4 lbs. She is making eye contact and beginning to smile a little. Sam and Rachel are positively in love. Nathan (the stoic teen) thinks she's "kinda cute, but she sounds like a goat when she cries."


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