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Lisa and Duane's Page


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Our home and community

Life's a Beach


We live in Venice Beach CA. A funky, quirky beach community which has the diversity of a large urban area with a laid back small town feel. You can't go to the beach or the grocery store or even hang out at the local coffee shop or pizza place without meeting friends. We have all different kinds of people living here. Just on our street alone we have artists and architects, teachers and plumbers, TV executives and fire fighters, truck drivers and actors. We have people of every income level and ethnic background.

Our house is a mile and half from the beach and we spend alot of time there. Both Nathan and Rachel surf and both are Junior Lifeguards. In the summer several of our neighbors are up at the crack of dawn to catch some waves before work. A couple allow Nathan to tag along and get tips. He loves being included with the "old guys". Rachel surfs with a group of little girls from the neighborhood in the afternoons. There seems to be more sitting on their boards and giggling than actual surfing.


Rachel and Sam wash dishes


looking into back yard


Our house is a cozy modern house with lots of light and open space. It has three bedrooms with two baths which we have remodeled twice. When we bought it as a tiny tear down in horrible condition. The ceilings had collasped in parts of the house and there were holes in the floors large enough for a small child to fall thru. We and have upgraded and added on as our family has grown doing most of the work our selves. We have a fat little gray cat named Nemisis and a big shaggy dog named Nero.


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